Vision. Mission. Omission.

Quite a few upcoming skincare brands and most well-established luxury brands have been making a gradual shift towards a better, eco-friendly range of products. And we are overjoyed to see this transition!

As a group of millennials ourselves, we believe that it’s our responsibility to leave a place better than we found it for the subsequent generations to follow. And by ‘place’, we mean our habitat.

South Africa - a country rich in its natural resources, preserves and wildlife. All of which contributes significantly to everything: the beauty, character, economy, tourism and the charm of the nation. The last thing we want to do, is to create products that pollute the sanity of this beloved ecosystem.

We will keep it short (and only because we know you get it already):

Our vision: is to create a brand that can be a standard of unique skincare products that always put our habitat as the utmost priority.

Our mission: is to constantly create products that cater to the areas of the body that are often neglected.

Our ‘omission’ would be anything that is not approved by our planet. After all, we are only as good as our habitat.